Schoolio Language Arts

Reading, Writing, Literature,
Grammar, & Spelling

The Schoolio Language Arts Program is an integrated program covering writing skills, reading comprehension, literature, spelling (gr. 1-3), grammar, and creative writing.


The Schoolio ready-to-use simplicity you can count on. Scripted lessons for easy delivery followed by activities.

Integrated Units

The Schoolio unit system for Language Arts blends all strands into one easy-to-use book where lessons are presented in the order you need them. No more switching back and forth between texts!

Engaging Activities

Reflective and thought-provoking activities encourage engagement and critical thinking skills throughout the program.

Love of Language Arts

Language Arts can be a difficult subject to get our kids excited about. The Schoolio program is designed and praised for how well it appeals to reluctant writers and children with unique learning needs.

Bring Language Arts to Life!

The Schoolio Language Arts program focuses on real-world writing skills, critical thinking in reading and literature reflection, socially impactful story choice, and showing students the relevance in their written work. Breaking reading and writing assignments into bite-sized pieces is what makes this program work for reluctant writers!

Does Your Child Hate Writing?
You're not alone!

Many parents tell us that teaching writing skills to their child is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

Schoolio is well-known for straight-forward, easy to use programming. Our open-and-go style, with scripted lessons and relevant practice work makes teaching a breeze!

The Schoolio Language Arts program lets you and your student take your time, think critically, and reflect on the work, making the process more relevant and enjoyable!

The Five Schoolio Language Units

Each grade level of the Schoolio Language Arts program is divided into five individual units. This gives you the flexibility to adjust grade level throughout the year, set your own pace, and purchase what you need, when you need it. Over the course of the five units, students are introduced to the following:

Styles of Writing

From fiction and comic strips to formal letters, speeches, and essays, students develop their skills a variety of writing styles while also practicing both planning and editing with each new writing assignment.

Lessons in Grammar

Beginning with the basics and building up to more complex grammatical understanding, students discover the rules and structure of the English language throughout the Schoolio program.

Creative Writing

Students are encouraged to write freely and creatively to promote a love of writing. Creative prompts are provided to be used voluntarily for those days when the imagination needs a little help!

Book & Novel Studies

Grade 1-3

Our youngest Schoolio learners are engaged with literature studies that show them the variety of styles and uses of the written word. From story studies, author studies, genre studies, and sequencing, students dive into the Schoolio recommended book list.

Grade 4-8

Our older Schoolio learners dig into novel studies to novel studies with reflective, thought-provoking follow-up questions throughout each week, helping them development both their reading, critical thinking, and analytic skills.

Reading Comprehension

Grade 1-3

Along with learning to appreciate forms and styles of the written word, Schoolio Language units also include grade-levelled reading passages with follow up questions to help you assess comprehension.


Grade 1-3

Each week of the program, students are introduced to a short list of spelling words with practice work throughout the week, culminating with an optional dictation test.

Looking for More?

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Does Your Student Hate Writing?

Has your writing time become the bane of your existence, the most challenging part of your homeschooling routine? Is your kid miserable when It comes time to practice writing? Are they pushing back, getting easily frustrated, complaining, avoiding and completely shutting down and refusing to do it?

At Schoolio, we get it; writing can be tricky even for adults. Many of us don’t practice it regularly. Unless the writing is work-related, it’s not something we would sit down and do in our spare time. So while we all understand that it is an essential skill that we all need to learn and practice often, it is also crucial to keep it fun, light and engaging if we want our kids to practice it without a fight.

Hate writing?