Homeschool With Confidence

We are homeschoolers, building Schoolio for families like ours.

Homeschooling provides parents with the opportunity to provide their children with an education that will prepare them for success. To ensure their success, you must choose an educational curriculum that invests in your children in the same way that you do. In addition to helping children retain more of what they learn, our unique learning approach has been proven to be effective.

Helping Homeschooling

Helping families homeschool is what we do. Homeschooling is possible for families who thought they couldn’t because of finances, time, or know-how. People join Schoolio because it’s easy, fun, and they’re confident in the quality of the education. We want to free families from the pressure of pursuing the “perfect” and encourage them to let it be “enough.” Each family and child is different, and we want to provide the resources you need to be who you were meant to be.

Customer Love!

We love Schoolio! The curriculum is so easy to follow. My kids like that they can set their own pace and don’t feel overwhelmed. And most of all, the support from Schoolio is amazing!
Angela Bouzetos
I honestly feel it is well worth price! We looked at a ton of curriculums and but the time you added up all the different elements it was expensive. Schoolio is so simple and straightforward to use. I haven’t regretted our purchase at all!
Elizabeth Margaret

Our Mission


You’re Schooling At Home, Not Schooling Alone.

Schoolio provides parents with a range of customizable in-home learning solutions. You can choose our full, all-in-one curriculum program or choose specific units and build your own year.

Whether your kids are in virtual learning or in-person school, you can supplement their education wherever you are.

Jr. K

Counting objects, inside and outside, longer and shorter, letter names, rhyming words and more.


Comparing numbers, names of shapes, consonant and vowel sounds, sight words and more to prep for Grade 1.

Grade 1

Adding and subtracting, telling time, measurement, nouns, verb tense, time order and more to prep for Grade 2.

Grade 2

Place-value models, even and odd, regular and irregular plurals, pronouns, contractions and more.

Grade 3

Multiplication facts, line graphs, possessive nouns, homophones, conjunctions and more.

Grade 4

Adding decimals, calculating probabilities, prepositions, idioms, using a thesaurus and more.

Grade 5

Quadrilaterals, adding fractions, comparative adjectives, commonly confused words and more.

Grade 6

Percentages, perimeter, variable expressions, Greek and Latin roots, personification and more to prep for Grade 7.

Grade 7

Proportional relationships, rational numbers, phrases and clauses, allusions, connotations and more.

Grade 8

Linear functions, exponents, the Pythagorean theorem, ellipses, active and passive voice and more.

Meet Team Schoolio

The Schoolio team includes educators, parents, and experienced homeschoolers who understand the unique needs and capabilities of the world of home education. The Schoolio team is here to help you, with a commitment to superior customer service.

What makes Schoolio different? Families are choosing to homeschool their kids more and more because traditional schools don’t work for everyone. There’s no reliable, curated, and secular curriculum out there, and we want to change that! 

All our Schoolio customers are welcomed into our unique, customer-only Facebook community that includes parents, teachers, resources and special events. We know that a warm, supportive community is an important part of homeschooling success!

Customer perks also include additional resources, like planning and scheduling tools, boredom buster ideas, and more. When you join Schoolio, you’re not on your own!

Discover a limitless world of learning

Schoolio’s curriculum is the perfect fit, whether you are homeschooling full-time, or just need some additional resources for virtual or in-school learning!

Lesson Plans

Our ready-made lesson plans make it easy for classroom educators and homeschoolers to provide meaningful instruction to students.


What does your student want to learn? We’ve got a worksheet for that! Our printables are a fun and easy way to learn about multiplication, sight words, animal life cycles, and much more!

Interest-Based Electives

Your student will never be bored with our collection of interest-based electives. Our growing list covers trending topics to keep your student engaged and active. 

Why Parents Are Turning to Homeschooling

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

What does secular mean?

✔ It means that the resources you find are free of religious references and scripture quotes.

✔ Science is science, including evolution. Not faith-neutral, either – actually secular science.

✔ Texts including language arts and history are secular, not created from a religious world-view.

✔ It means anyone can use these resources. Whether you’re religious, agnostic, atheist, spiritual but not religious, or just don’t really think about it that much.

With a full curriculum of teaching units, you’ll have plenty of choice and variety, all based on a philosophy of learning through play.