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Homeschooling in Nova Scotia – How to Get Started

Are you new to Homeschooling in Nova Scotia? Wondering where to begin? And what’s the best route to take in order to be a successful homeschooler in N.S? Also, is homeschooling even legal here? We are here to answer all these questions, and more! 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Is Homeschooling legal in Nova Scotia? 

The answer is yes! In fact, homeschooling is legal in every Canadian province. The Department of education in Nova Scotia outlines the legislation for home education. It’s always best to start there when you have questions about homeschooling in Nova Scotia. 

Does your child need to be registered in Nova Scotia?

Yes! Parents and guardians in Nova Scotia are required to register their children, ages 6 to 16 in an educational program. First, you will need to register your child for Primary (Kindergarten) whether your child is 5 or 6 years old. Be sure to register them in the year that they will be 5 years old before December 31st. Secondly, you will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate for their first year.

What are your responsibilities as a home schooling parent in Nova Scotia? 

First, you need to advise the Department of Education (Halifax Office) of your intent to homeschool your child. 

Secondly, you need to complete the registration form annually and return it to the Regional Education Office, Halifax, Nova Scotia. For a child that has not been registered in public or homeschool before, you will need to include proof of their age with your registration form. 

Third, in June you will need to provide a report to the Department of Education (Halifax Office) on the progress of your homeschooled child(ren). This report should be compatible with the program of study of the child(ren). 

Fourth, you as the homeschool parent need to ensure that your child is diligent in attempting to master their home education studies that had been described in the registration form.

Fifth, as the primary home education parent you must be prepared to meet with the school board officials if and when the child(ren) are to be enrolled in public school. You are required to provide evidence of your child’s education program. Because as the home-educating parent or guardian, you are responsible to provide solid evidence of your child’s education.

Where can you find the Registration form? 

As the homeschooling parent you will need to fill out the registration form for each of your children at the beginning of the school year. Click here to visit the Nova Scotia Department of Education’s Website where you can find the registration form. Overall the registration letter is simply laid out, very straightforward and easy to understand. This form will ask for both you as the parent or guardian and your child’s information along with the name of the curriculum that you are planning on using for that school year. 

What are the requirements for reporting and grading in Nova Scotia? 

Every June, the homeschooling parent or guardian must send in another form. This form is called “The Home Schooling Student Report Form.” Click here to view it forms.  The Home Schooling Student Report Form is quick, simple and easy to fill out. You can fill out the subject/course name, test marks, and the overall course grade. Then you can use the little subject boxes to fill out a little more detail and information on the subjects covered in the school year. While also including  your students learned. 

If you were using Schoolio curriculum and needed to fill out the Science section for Grade 5. You could simply go to the table of contents of your child’s completed Science book. Then write the key lessons that they learned for the year. ‘Forms of Energy, Conservation with Renewable Resources, Electricity, Energy Footprint, Structures’ etc.. 

If you are registering your child for a primary grade for the first time you simply need to: 

  1. Register with the Department of Education by filling in the form and being sure to submit it in September. 
  2. Make a report on your child’s progress within your areas of study in June each year.

If your child is attending school already and you’d like to legally withdraw them from school in Nova Scotia:

  1. Be sure to inform the school that you will be homeschooling. Ask them to remove your child from the school register. 
  2. Complete the Nova Scotia Department of Education Homeschooling Registration Form. Being sure to submit it to the Department of Education to register your child as a homeschooler. 

How do I pick curriculum? 

There are hundreds of curriculum options available for homeschooling families now. We recommend that you purchase a Canadian based curriculum. There are so many phenomenal American Homeschooling curriculum options. However you will find that you have to supplement your curriculum more often than not for Canadian concepts. 

Here’s an excellent blog about how to pick the very best curriculum for your family: Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

For ever more tips on how to get started with homeschooling, check this out: How Do I Homeschool?


More information on Homeschooling in Nova Scotia can be found at The Canadian Homeschooler.


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