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You're homeschooling for a reason. The traditional model of education just isn't working anymore.

Schoolio is founded and led by actual homeschooling parents- we get it. We aren't trying to replicate a classroom or put your child in a box. We're here to give you the tools, the support, and the space to do school your way, with confidence.

Hi! I'm Lindsey. I'm Head of Curriculum here at Schoolio, but I'm also a certified teacher and a homeschooling mom to my two kids. I created Schoolio content so homeschoolers would have more choice and flexibility. Your homeschool journey is yours, and should be as unique and wonderful as your kids! I hope you find exactly what you're looking for. 💜

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Looking for a Specific Subject?

Schoolio is well-known for being easy-to-use, open-and-go, and carrying all the subjects you need, plus all the elective topics your kids want!

Our bite-sized learning method appeals to all children, and works especially well for neurodivergent learners.

Schoolio Mathematics

Schoolio Mathematics is a mastery approach program that covers the foundations of all core concepts in Number Sense & Numeration, Algebra, Patterning, & Coding, Geometry & Spatial Sense, Data Management & Probability, and Money Sense & Financial Literacy.

Schoolio Mathematics units are broken down by strand, so you can mix-and-match grade levels as needed.

Schoolio Language Arts

The Schoolio Language Arts program is an integrated program covering writing skills, reading comprehension, literature, spelling (gr. 1-3), grammar, and creative writing.

For grades 1-3, literature covers various topics such as author studies, genre studies, and story structure. For grades 4-8, literature is using in novel studies.

Schoolio Science

The Schoolio Science program invites children into a world of discovery, crossing multiple scientific strands including: Biology & Life Systems, Matter, Energy & Chemistry, Earth & Space Systems, and Physics, Mechanics & Engineering. The Schoolio Library includes dozens of topics to pique interest and encourage curiosity in your child!

Schoolio Social Studies

The Schoolio Social Studies program engages children in discovering two strands: History, Heritage & Citizenship and Geography, People, Communities & Environments.
Help your child discover the past and explore the modern world!

Schoolio also proudly offers Canadian Social Studies in addition to the standard US topics- select Canada under “country” in the shop filters to see our selection!

Schoolio Social-Emotional Learning

The Schoolio Social-Emotional Learning program prepares students for the future with the essential life skills of emotional intelligence, helping children learn to regulate their emotions, express themselves, build character traits such as perseverance and responsibility, and handle conflict and use leadership skills. 

The Schoolio Social-Emotional Learning program focuses on real-skill building for lifelong success and is designed for families to use and learn together.

Schoolio Electives Library

The Schoolio Electives library includes topics outside of “traditional” academics. We believe there are valuable learning opportunities in many areas of interests, including the arts, music, health & wellness, sports, and more!

Many of our electives also fall under Science, Math, or Social Studies umbrellas, such as All About Cats (science) or The History of Pirates (social studies).

In addition, the Schoolio Elective Library includes mini unit studies for many seasonal holidays and celebrations!


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