Financial Literacy

An essential Life Skill

At Schoolio, we believe that strong foundations in financial literacy are essential to success in adulthood.

Every Grade

Financial Literacy should be a standard part of every child's education- every year.


The Schoolio ready-to-use simplicity you can count on. Scripted lessons for easy delivery.

Middle School Extras

Students in grades 7-8 are ready for advanced financial learning and additional resources.

Engaging Activities

Real-world and differentiated activities that show the relevance to students.

How Do I Teach Financial Literacy to My Kids?

It can be daunting to teach something to your kids that you weren’t taught very well yourself! But don’t worry, Schoolio has you covered! 

It's never too early (or too late) to Start

How Does the Schoolio Program Work?

Schoolio is well-known for straight-forward, easy to use programming. Our open-and-go style, with scripted lessons and relevant practice work following every lesson makes teaching a breeze! The Financial Literacy program offers learning units for every grade, plus additional content for grade 7 and 8 learners.

Early Elementary

Grades 1-3

  • Our youngest learners are ready to learn all about money!

    • Coin and Bill Names 
    • Coin and Bill Values
    • Adding Money
    • Making Change
    • Basic Shopping Skills

Upper Elementary

Grades 4-6

  • Our older learners are ready to understand how money is used!

    • Methods of Payment
    • Earning, Spending, Saving, Donating, and Investing
    • Calculating Tax
    • Budgeting and Financial Goal Setting
    • Credit and Debit
    • Unit Rates and Price Matching
    • And more!

Middle School

Grades 7-8

  • Our older learners are ready to learn advanced financial skills!

    • Household Budgets and Goal Setting
    • Creating and Managing Budgets
    • Barriers to Success and Reliable Financial Advice
    • Interest Rates
    • Simple and Compound Interest- Saving and Borrowing
    • Consumerism, Marketing, and Advertising
    • Comsumer Savings, PRIME Buying
    • Depreciation and Expensive Habits
    • Needs vs. Wants
    • Self-Worth and Behavior/Spending Habits

Ready for More?

Advanced Learning Units

Prepare for success in adulthood with additional learning units in Financial Literacy

Smart Consumerism

Financial Planning

Investing and Borrowing

Shopping Online and Around the World


Let's Teach Our Kids About Finances

From a young age, kids learn that money means something, but what about finances?

Often times when children receive money, they walk through the toy aisle with the thrill of knowing something there can be theirs! And all thanks to that money that they have. But finances are so much more than just receiving money and rushing off to purchase something. Money has value. Money has purpose. And teaching our kids that from a young age is extremely important.