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Schoolio Canadian Mathematics

You CAN confidently Teach Math!

The Schoolio Canadian Mathematics program breaks math concepts into bite-sized pieces that make teaching and learning math easier.

Individual Units

Schoolio's unique unitization method allows you to mix-and-match grade levels to custom design the perfect-fit program for your child!


The Schoolio ready-to-use simplicity you can count on. Scripted lessons for easy delivery.

Tired of changing units of measurement and money lessons in US math programs? It’s time for Canadian mathematics resources!

Mastery Approach

A mastery approach means students master each concept completely before moving on to the next one. and master each strand one at a time.

Engaging Activities

Real-world and differentiated activities that show the relevance to students.

Future-Ready Content

The Schoolio Mathematics program includes Financial Literacy and screen-free coding starting in Grade 1, because we believe these topics are essential to a child’s future success and should be taught every year.

Intimidated by Math? You're not alone!

Many parents are nervous about teaching math to their children, but you don’t have to be!

Schoolio is well-known for straight-forward, easy to use programming. Our open-and-go style, with scripted lessons and relevant practice work makes teaching a breeze!

The Schoolio Math program lets you and your student learn together and grow confident in your understanding of mathematics!

The Five Strands

The five strands of mathematics in the Schoolio program include Number Sense, Algebra, Data Management, Spatial Sense, and Financial Literacy.

Number Sense

Number Sense units include the basic numeracy skills that allow children to understand, relate, and connect numbers as well as facilitate operations and computations with numbers.

No More Math Meltdowns: How To Add Real-World Context And Teach Math In A Creative Way
No More Math Meltdowns: How To Add Real-World Context And Teach Math In A Creative Way


Algebra units include algebra, patterning, and Schoolio’s screen-free coding program. Algebra is the part of mathematics that represents problems and promotes the most critical thinking skills.

Data Management

Data Management units include the collection data, reading and evaluation of raw data and presented data, and representation of data samples in various ways, including charts, graphs, and tables. It also includes probability and possibility of given outcomes. 

Spatial Sense

Spatial Sense units are centered around the properties and relationships of shapes, points, and location. It also includes measurements and dimensions. The Schoolio Canadian spatial sense program uses the metric measurement system, as used in Canada and most other countries in the world, and is the system students are likely to encounter both in advanced mathematics and academic endeavours in their futures.

Financial Literacy

At Schoolio, we believe that strong foundations in financial literacy are essential to success in adulthood. That’s why we include a Financial Literacy unit in every grade, beginning in grade 1. The Schoolio Canadian Financial Literacy teaches students Canadian coins and bills, as well as Canadian financial systems.

Ready for More?

Middle School Advanced Learning Units

Prepare for success in adulthood with additional learning units in Financial Literacy

Smart Consumerism

Financial Planning

Investing and Borrowing

Shopping Online and Around the World


Let's Teach Our Kids About Finances

From a young age, kids learn that money means something, but what about finances?

Often times when children receive money, they walk through the toy aisle with the thrill of knowing something there can be theirs! And all thanks to that money that they have. But finances are so much more than just receiving money and rushing off to purchase something. Money has value. Money has purpose. And teaching our kids that from a young age is extremely important.