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15 Habits of Successful Homeschooling Families

Small Changes for Huge Growth, Utilizing 15 Habits of Successful Homeschooling Families.

Making small changes for bountiful growth is an ideal way to ensure that your homeschool is everything that you want it to be, and more. Maybe you’d like to homeschool your children in the new year, or perhaps you’d just like to be more successful at homeschool. We are going to dive into 15 habits of successful homeschooling families, to help you obtain your homeschooling goals.

It’s the time of the year when you get to set goals and hope to stick to them. Many people often list all the amazing things they’d like to accomplish like sticking to that diet, organizing the house, getting a new job, or committing to an exercise regiment. We often start out with the best of intentions but many of us end up reverting to our old ways in a matter of weeks.

This usually happens because the changes that we wanted to take place were just not feasible. Why is that? The answer is simple, because life happens! Life is a never ending cycle of ups and downs. The key is to set manageable, realistic and obtainable goals. Goals that will benefit you and your family.

This is imperative when it comes to setting goals and habits for a successful homeschool. You don’t need to wait until the new school year to begin homeschooling or to change things up to make your homeschool more successful. The time is now to utilize 15 habits of successful homeschooling families. You don’t need to be overwhelmed, or stressed about learning new habits. Because these habits and goals are just so much more simple than you’d think.

What are the 15 Habits of Successful Homeschooling Families?

1. Successful Homeschooling Families are Flexible.

When it comes to successful homeschooling families, they have learned that in order to be successful, they must be flexible. Realizing that life happens, and homeschool happens around your life not the other way around, is key to a much more peaceful homeschool. You can plan things out in perfect detail, but sometimes things will happen that will shift your best laid plans.

It’s always important to factor in flexibility so that when things happen like, sickness, job loss, doctors appointments, or a headache that keeps you from teaching, you won’t feel burdened down by unrealistic expectations.

2. Successful Homeschooling Families Make Learning a Lifestyle.

Learning isn’t just something that happens from 9:00am – 2:00pm. And learning certainly isn’t something that happens only when the workbooks hit the table. Learning is all around them, all the time. Successful homeschooling families utilize opportunities to gain more knowledge. Many homeschooling parents are constantly teaching their children in various forms. While instilling a genuine love for learning in their children.

3. They Ask For Help.

You’re familiar with the term “It takes a Village”. Well, it takes a village to homeschool your children. It’s not a one parent does all the teaching, all the time, kind of situation. You will need help, from family, sometimes from friends, and from your partner. Never be afraid to ask for help.

4. Successful Homeschooling Parents Share Responsibility.

Going along with habit number 3 of the 15 habits of successful homeschooling families, is sharing responsibility. You cannot do it all by yourself. Having an understanding with your partner is extremely important. As is having real conversations about sharing the responsibilities of homeschooling and raising your children. Doing so is imperative to a successful homeschooling journey. Sharing responsibility can look different for every family. So be sure to find your own vibe.

5. Never Fall for Comparison.

Which brings us to the next point. It’s important for your family to find it’s own unique vibe. Chatting with your partner about ways to share responsibility is so important, but so is not comparing what that shared responsibility looks like to another families shared responsibilities.

Perhaps your homeschool family friends have an amazing system where the partner teaches math when they’re home from work and also does the dishes and laundry. But your partner isn’t doing the dishes or laundry, or teaching math. However they take the kids for amazing nature walks where they teach your children really important lessons about nature while you take a break at home.

When you start to compare yourself to other homeschooling families, you will inevitably feel miserable about some aspect of your homeschool, family, or life. So be sure to stay far, far away from the comparison trap. Because once you fall into it, it’s really hard to get out of.

6. Say No!

It can be so tempting to say yes to everyone and everything. Maybe your friend just planned a really cool field trip for the homeschool community. But you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted, you can say no. Maybe a family friend thinks that you are just staying home doing nothing all day, so has asked you to babysit their child. You know that this will have a negative impact on your homeschool. And you really just can’t. Say no! They will find alternative help. All too often people think that homeschooling families just sit around and do nothing. Now’s your time to prove otherwise.

7. Avoid Jumping at Every Opportunity.

It can be so tempting. Sometimes homeschooling parents feel like their children are lacking in some form because they aren’t going to ‘real school’. Therefore they must be missing important aspects of socialization and field trips. This may cause you to jump at every opportunity that arises. Doing so will only cause your schedule to get overbooked, your kids to be tired, and you to burn out. When you dive at every opportunity, your homeschool lessons will fall way behind which will then cause another layer of unfortunate stress, that you simply don’t need. So, avoid jumping at every opportunity.

8. Understand the Importance of Community.

Another really important habit/ goal to have, when it comes to the 15 habits of successful homeschooling families, is the ability to embrace community. This doesn’t mean that you’re going back on number 7 and suddenly doing all the activities with the local homeschool community. No, this means that you are investing in healthy homeschool relationships with other homeschool families. Families that you meet through the local homeschool communities.

Building those friendships is so important. Because they get it! Other homeschooling parents understand just how crazy homeschooling can be. They understand the frustration of people constantly poking them and teasing them about how their kids should be in school. When you have that important community built up around your homeschool, your homeschool will thrive in the safety that the community brings.

9. Successful Homeschoolers Read a lot!

I get it! You’re busy. You have 10,000 things to do, at any given time. Sometimes, reading gets pushed to the very bottom of the agenda because it requires stillness. And, your mind is anything but still. I understand that you feel like you need to be moving and doing things at all times in order to feel like you are getting anything done. But trust me when I tell you, that spending time with your kids reading is extremely important work and truly needs to be at the top of the list.

Reading together sparks conversations, enhances the imagination, grows bonds, and builds vocabulary and reading comprehension. Truly reading together is a gift.

10. We Get Really Excited!

Your kid just read a full sentence? That’s a reason to celebrate! Your child just memorized their times tables! Celebrate! Successful homeschoolers don’t save celebrations for birthdays and report cards, they celebrate all the little moments along the way to the big milestones. Celebrate those small wins! You and your family have earned it.

11. Successful Homeschooling Parents Start the Day on a Positive Note.

Before the children are awake, you can often find a homeschooling parent reading a book, journaling, meditating, or exercising. This is the time of day to get that inner peace and balance that they will need to carry them through the craziness that the day will inevitably hold. Finding out what your jam is when it comes to starting on a positive note is essential.

12. Successful Homeschoolers Involve the Kids.

Starting a garden? The kids are right there, getting their hands dirty. Working at a soup kitchen? Your kids are right there handing out food with you. Successful homeschool parents involve their children in the many different areas and aspects of life. Giving them the opportunity to learn vital lessons from a young age.

13. Avoid Conversations with People who Just Don’t Get it!

Whether that be an internet troll, or a moody aunt. There will always be someone who has something negative to say about your choice to homeschool. Even if you’re doing an amazing job, they will find something wrong with it. They will throw out harsh accusations and rude comments regarding homeschooling. These are the people and conversations that you want to avoid. They are not life giving, they are life draining. Make it your mission to stay away from that drama, because your mind doesn’t need to be filled with nonsense.

14. Successful Homeschoolers Aren’t Afraid to Switch it up!

The curriculum you purchased is just not working? Your kids mastered a concept and are bored with the repetition of the concept? Maybe your kids need extra practice work to master a concept but your curriculum wants you to move on. Don’t! Successful homeschoolers aren’t afraid to throw out a curriculum and start something new.

They will spend more time or less time on a concept based on how their students are doing. You are with your child all the time, so you know what your child is responding to better than anyone else. If something is just not working for your homeschool, you can ditch it and find something that does work!

15. Understand Just How Difficult the Task Is.

Because you are always teaching in some capacity, you as a homeschooling parent will know that even the tiny, mundane moments are leading to something great. You have the ability and opportunity to stay home with your children, not everyone can do that. In fact, most parents can’t. You have an abundance of patience and dedication to your children and their education. We don’t need to tell you that this is a difficult task, because you already know.

But you also know that you have the ability to do it. You know that each moment is unique and that one day you will see the rewards of all this hard work that you are pouring into your children’s education. You should be so proud.

Summing it Up!

There are a million ways to homeschool, finding your rhythm is essential. Will you find thousands of reasons as to why you shouldn’t homeschool? Yep! But, for each reason there is two reasons why it’s so important to press on and homeschool your kids. Will you have ups and downs? Absolutely! However, the ups are so amazingly great that they make the downs seem like nothing.

Be proud of yourself, the strength you are demonstrating by homeschooling your kids is simply amazing. Now go ahead and write down 10 things that you’d like to accomplish in the new year with your homeschool. Make sure they are realistic and obtainable goals. Then each day, aim to work towards them.


15 Habits of Successful Homeschooling Families


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