What Self-Care Really Means

What Self-Care Really Means: How to Beat the Winter Blahs When You’re a Homeschooling Parent By Chelsea McLeod You can’t pour from an empty cup! We have all heard that old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup…” but what does that mean, and how does it relate to your homeschooling journey? Parenting is […]

How to Bring Writing into Other Areas

How to bring writing into other areas

Sneaking It In: How to Bring Writing Into Other Areas By Chelsea McLeod  Writing in school is often seen as a skill linked only to English. It is often viewed as an immovable part of the curriculum and focus in this class. While this is technically true, it is not the whole picture. Not only is […]

Running Records: How to Assess Your Child’s Reading Level

Running Records: How to Assess Your Child's Reading Level

Running Records: How to Assess Your Child’s Reading Level By Chelsea McLeod Reading is a fundamental skill; it is an essential building block that supports all other types of learning. If reading is not developed, a child will struggle with other things in their schooling experience, which is just as crucial in a homeschool environment […]

Teaching Financial Literacy

Teaching Financial Literacy

Teaching Financial Literacy, Why is it Important? Written by Nakisha Blain Teaching financial literacy is crucial to a well-rounded education because money is security. If we skip teaching our kids about money, we set them up for unnecessary hardship later on in life. What is Financial Literacy?  Financial literacy is understanding how money works and […]

Does Your Student Hate Writing?

Does Your Student Hate Writing?:  Tips and Tricks to Make It Easier By: Chelsea McLeod Has your writing time become the bane of your existence, the most challenging part of your homeschooling routine? Is your kid miserable when It comes time to practice writing? Are they pushing back, getting easily frustrated, complaining, avoiding and completely […]

Teaching Multi-Grades? Schoolio Can Help.

Teaching Multi-Grades? Schoolio Can Give You Your Life Back. By Chelsea McLeod Look familiar? Are you spending all your spare time doing prep that seems neverending to keep up? Are you overwhelmed with student needs and classroom outcomes? Are you struggling with teaching multi-grades? Let me paint you a picture. You teach in a rural […]

Meeting All Learners Where They Are

Meeting all learners where they are

_____________________________________________________________________ Meeting All Learners Where They Are:  Differentiation Made Easy By Chelsea McLeod So have you been assigned your first class, or are you changing grades for the first time in years? Keep reading to find out how to make your prep easier and focus your attention on the students in your classroom rather than […]

You Can Have A Life Outside Of The Classroom

You can have a life outside of the classroom

*GUEST POST: Chelsea (🇨🇦) McLeod You Can Have a Life Outside of the Classroom You Don’t Have to Be Overwhelmed by Prep and Lesson Planning as a New Teacher with Schoolio. That age-old idea that teachers have it easy, that all the lessons are planned out for them, and that they spend their time teaching […]

Guiding Your Own Growth

Guiding Your Own Growth

Guiding Your Own Growth – Guest Blog By Kaila Gilley. You against the world. On the one hand, this sentiment frees. You choose an untraditional education route for your child, at least in part, because of its liberty—your kids, your family unit, your choice: your opportunity. On the other hand, however, it is a heavy […]