About Us
An educational universe where every learner explores
their passions and discovers their infinite potential
About Us
An educational universe where every learner explores
their passions and discovers their infinite potential
We Believe
Every child has the potential to achieve greatness
Through the 5 Tenants
Every child has the opportunity to unlock their true potential and reach for self-fulfillment
The Impact Goes Beyond One
Education is the single most powerful differentiator for the individual and the world around us
What is the purpose of education?
We believe the purpose of education is not only to fill the learner’s mind, like an empty vessel, with the facts others have deemed important. But is to also engage learners in the process of how to learn the things they want or need to know, how to be steadfast and hardworking in the learning of things that are difficult or necessary, and to maintain their natural curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning through consistent access to materials that uniquely interest them.
“Education should be actively experienced, not passively observed”
How should education be provided?
We believe education is not delivered, but provided
We believe education should not be confined to traditional academic subjects, but should be expanded to include a holistic approach to a learner’s entire personhood.

• Educational opportunities should include areas such as social-emotional learning, physical and mental health, emerging and future technologies, and financial literacy and well-being

We believe learners should be exposed to a variety of methods of instruction and means of demonstrating comprehension, and that educational accessibility for all is essential.

  • Audio, video, AR, and VR should be among the optional ways students can access content.
  • Live, pre-recorded, and self-paced learning should be options among course choices.
  • Independent learning, small-group and class-sized gatherings should be offered.
  • Not all methods need to be offered for every educational course provided, as learners should experience a wide variety of learning strategies and not always have the option to choose their preferred learning style.

Assessments should be gathered organically through the continued and on-going measurement of a variety of metrics, and not confined to standardized testing or solely limited to traditional methods of comprehension demonstration.
We believe education should not be at the sole discretion of one person or institution.

  • Schools, teachers, tutors, parents, coaches, and the learners themselves should all be embraced as part of the learner’s educational ecosystem. All invested parties should be able to cohesively collaborate on decisions and choices made for the learner’s educational journey.
  • Educational content and assessments should be transparently available to all interested parties in the learner’s educational ecosystem.
We believe education should be actively experienced, not passively observed.

  • Hands-on learning helps students engage in the process.
  • Technology innovation has changed the means by which we can provide learning experiences, regardless of the learner’s physical location.

We believe that learners growing up in today’s modern society should be rewarded for their work, especially when engaging in the learning of content prescribed to them, rather than chosen for themselves.

  • There are essentially two types of reward for learning: the knowledge itself, when the learner is free to choose the content they engage with, or, a reward of some value to the learner themselves as compensation for learning content prescribed to them by another invested member of their learning team.
  • If any person other than the learner themselves chooses learning content, the learner should be compensated for their time and effort.

We believe “the fastest and easiest way to make a person hate something, is to force them to do it against their will, with no valid reward for the effort”, and that this is where the traditional school system fails learners, removes their personal autonomy, and dissolves the natural curiosity and love of learning of a child.
What is the role of school?
We believe that the role of the school (Schoolio) is to provide a vast array of educational content and opportunities for learners, in a variety of means of acquisition.

We believe that all invested parties, including parents, teachers, tutors, coaches, and the learners themselves should have a say in what content the learner has access to and assessments of a learner’s comprehension of said materials.

The role of the school is to provide access, encouragement, and assessment at a variety of levels.
Our 5 Values
Future proof
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